We include everything else to achieve your business objectives.

Our goal is to connect the customer with the consumer, creating ideas and implementing strategies to make this happen. We convey the essence of your brand creatively; we go beyond a like, a follow or share.

We speak the language of technology.

We create and redesign strategies to meet your needs and goals; putting on the table our responsibility, work, creativity and above all, passion. We make you achieve a digital experience.



Your website is the beginning of everything. We integrate solutions, products and tools within your budget reach with almost immediate results to generate sales.


You are the expert in your business. We generate the digital strategy, content and disseminate it on the internet to capture customers looking for your products or services.


We (re) conceptualize your corporate identity, communication materials, creation of creative campaigns, spots for radio, TV and everything we connect with digital.

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If you already have a solution, we can complement your strategy, adjust it or redesign it to achieve more sales.

Design, web development and support

Here it all starts, it is the window to your product, service or business.

We design and develop your website according to the needs of the current market, ready to be viewed on mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs.

With it we attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence

You do not need a contact center to serve incoming customers to your website.

With our Chat Bot solutions we get the necessary pre-sales information so that your best seller is only dedicated to closing.

Best of all 24 hrs. available.


Do you want to sell online?

Easy, we install and schedule direct payments to your accounts for sale your products or services.

24 hour sales. of the day

E-mail marketing

We send specific information to the DB generated through the digital strategy or with your current database.

We impact the different groups of your DB with different messages to encourage them, inform them of new releases and promotions, until congratulating them on their birthday.

Virtual tours

Opening the doors of your business, hotel, restaurant, housing development, showroom or any space is now possible and with low costs.

Virtual Tours increase the closing of sales because they generate trust in the final consumer.

Inbound Marketing y CRM's

Accompanying the contacts generated through the Digital Strategy is now more effective.

We accompany the customer throughout their purchase process until the final transaction in a friendly way, increasing qualified contacts, increasing visits to the website and therefore leads that will become sales.

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They rely on the creative solutions and digital services of

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At Mono Digital we love what we do for our clients with exceptional attention and personalized service..

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